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It’s not fair.

“How come a dirt like you have this kind of magazine? It’s the latest issue of Akira Fashion!”

It’s really not fair for them to take advantage of me.

“Well, well, well… How come an unattractive glasses girl has such interest in such things only those who were beautiful could achieve? You have a bad style in doing a braid in your hair, and on top of that you haven’t put any of your cheapskate make-up with you. I’m going to vomit any second now if I’m with you most of the time.”

Why the three of them won’t leave me alone right now? I hadn’t done anything bad to them.

“Oh… going to cry in such simple thing as this? I cannot believe such person has existed here in this prestigious elite school of Hanamura High. I hate poor people like you, Azaki-san.”

“J-just leave me alone now, you three!”

This wasn’t the first time that they bullied for fun inside at this school I admitted because of an offer I didn’t want to have in the past.

“Okay, I’ll let you go this time. But in exchange, I’ll be taking this magazine of yours with us. You don’t have a right to own such possession as this.”

Simple as that. They stole the things that they want from me again, and I was powerless here at one side of the restroom, trying to endure the pain they inflicted to me this afternoon. My second year here in this school has just recently started, but I don’t think I’m going to survive long if this would continue more of their mischief. Life is not fair to me. Even I’d worked hard in studying hard to reach the top—my only reward was to get stepped down by them.

Nobody here is my friend. Nobody wanted to befriend this lame girl named Azaki Hiromi. That was a given to them; but despite of that I cannot give up just now since I made this far, and I’d been successful in that little job I have.

I tried to see myself in my mirror, observing how the words of Sawamichi-san’s group have seen into my current look. That’s right. I am despicable human being. It was a funny thing that a normal teenager to use some foundations or a pair of earrings to make myself pleasant to others. But those flashy things were only present to me when I needed it for a purpose, for these moments that my whole existence isn’t welcome in this school, since no one wanted me to be here than those in the higher-ups of the school. They wanted me because I was an honored student, but nothing aside from that.

After that incident those girls invited me after class, I hurriedly rushed toward my classroom to get my schoolbag left into my room. Some of the students along the hallway with their white sweater inside their navy blue vest stared into me like they saw a vagabond trying to scavenge some trash from one place to another. But thankfully no one responded back on the point I could hear it, though few of them whispered about me behind their back as I entered the room of Class 2-2. The room was almost empty; since it was been an hour after the class has ended. Though there is a lone boy with mysterious aura was sleeping on his seat four rows away from mine in the front, the one closer to the windows. Now I remembered that he was a celebrity here in this school, since his grandfather was the owner of this school who offered me a scholarship grant over a year ago.

“I hate people like you who could do anything to exploit the weak.” I said out of nowhere, somehow filling some grudge to the person sleeping here, who got the most attention in this school.

“So you’re saying that you’re the weak person here?”


“I don’t what Grandpa has seen into you,” He suddenly opened his eyes and then stared into me after he rose up in his sleeping position, “But in the manner you speak something vulgar to me, this would explain more how critical is your status quo in this institution.”

“Excuse me? But I don’t understand what you are trying to point out here.” I ignored how the rumors from girls described him as a kind and handsome guy and spoke out naturally with him, as if he was nothing than an ordinary student here in my class while approaching my way to this room’s front door.

“Being bullied again in this afternoon, huh?”

“What? How did you-”

“That why you’re a boring creature, Hiromi-san. You never let anyone know more about yourself.”

“Sorry for being boring to you, Yasuo-san!” I slammed the door hardly as to release much of my tension to the people here in Hanamura, and went out the campus ground afterwards, as the last minute of sunset approached into the corridor’s window.

That aside, how did he manage to uncover that easily from me? In actuality, this was the first time he spoke toward me after he was in our class this year, but judging to how gentle he could get around me when he was speaking toward me, I think that he had knew more about me. One normal person would get irritated when I was around them, so how come that he was different among them all?

“No way. It can’t be because of that, isn’t it?”

Now there’s another way why I needed to there quick now, since the answer lied within asking them later this person.

Shibase Yasuo.