About This Blog

In the past, I'm a fat gourmet whose eating is part of my lifestyle. But now...

My name is Paulo, and my general interest covers up mostly on what’s going to happen to my environment after the date of 8/10/10, the day when this blog has borne. Yet, I’m still regretful that I had made my mind on creating one for I was aiming to become one of the sites that could be seen at AnimeNano.

In terms of my behavior, you could say that I am a kind of person who have many things to be talked about when it comes to other things such as life and astrophysics, and got a close to zero attitude when I myself will be the subject of the topic. I’m really a shy person, you see, and as my history goes like this, a kind of feeling have become my habit since then. But it doesn’t mean that I couldn’t produce some actions, such as having this blog active for while and making this a very creative blog that suits my inner personality.

Even how gourmet I am in the dining table years ago, I am no good at cooking.

Most of the blog post will cover up mostly what I have experienced at the fifth layer of the earth which roaming a lot more in Japan, the ani-blogosphere. This covers up mostly what an eccentric otaku was doing in a tropical country of Philippines with his own personal computer: watching animes, reading some mangas, playing some visual novels, surfing for a big wave in the World Wide Web, and if brownout strikes at the rest of the season, sleeping.

Well, that’s all I want to say .  Thanks for visiting here, and feel free to explore this site in any preferences you want.

Gotta love her. She is mine. *fap* *fap*

  1. franc says:

    wow ang cucute nmn nila hehehe!!

  2. franc says:

    an lupet mu gumawa ng blog xD haha,,,

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