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I wonder how our life will continue on, knowing the fact that two of them were gone.

Mama and Papa aren’t here anymore by our side in this rusty old train, and I and my twin brother, Haru, were the only one left. He decided that we must move out from the urban city and live to that countryside where our grandparents have once lived in.

I hate that town. That place has left me behind those memories that continue to torment me even with my dreams. But no matter I would refuse to transfer, he still insisted on that kind of idea. No, I think that this is the best decision to be made for now. We were still on our teens and I envisioned ourselves that we can manage living there with only the two of us, even if many odds are against us.

How many minutes will I have to wait for reaching our destination? How long do I keep staring at the changing scenery on the window of this moving train? Also, how long do you keep staring at me, Haru?

In the interior of this train, there are just only the two of us on this trip. Haru, who has a white colored hair which is the same as I, sits at the opposite side of my seat. Meanwhile, his only companion, who has two black ribbons beside her long hair and wears a white dress, has spoken something in soft voice for the very first time after we entered this train.

“Porcelain doll.”

That was what I remembered whether my parents have seen me in this dress. Mama liked those fashion styles that even if may looked outrageous to me, she still complimenting it as a “gorgeous and a well-fitted” get-up. But as long they liked it, especially when Haru mentioned it several times that it really suits me, I don’t mind wearing it.

Haru, on the other side, was finding a snack on that white plastic bag that he bought from the convenience store nearby the station a while ago. All of those snacks inside that plastic bag were just only for me because all of those items were my favorite ones. Especially to that snack that he have picked for me, with the name of “Pocky”. Afterward he opened that box with an aluminum wrapper, tore it up, and lent it to me by asking.

“Do you want some?”

Opening up a box of Pocky without my permission, huh?



I stole it from him hurriedly, took a chocolate stick from the wrapper and put it at my mouth as if I’m smoking, and turned back my glance from him to the window once again. If you want that snack as much as I do, at least buy one for yourself.

“You’re still rude as ever, Sora. “

(to be continued)


One word. Dropped. That’s all thanks to this site.

Now I know that the there’s a part of that visual novel that I’m adapting with this post (Yosura no Sora) where they used Sora’s perspective to continue to plot.

…After all the efforts I made so far in this fan fiction, I know the essence of originality.