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If she's a Bungaku Shoujo, then I'm a Bungaku Shounen...

Even I was not born in Japan or in an English-speaking country, I currently have a bunch of projects waiting for me when “Light Novels” are mentioned in my background. Even I’m not diligent in writing for straight hours, I’ll try to do my best to carry out the best in finishing them all.

As of September 26, 2010, I have 8 Original Projects for the Light Novels, and One Fan Fiction Novel(which perhaps been dropped to some circumstances, as far the originality goes…)

Too many, too lazy. . .

Here’s the 2 Active Projects I’m Taking As of That Date

1. Sere•Nade

– the surprising tale of the two successful people in the music industry abroad, as they have some troubles in their hometown because they must finished 3rd year in high school at Shirokuma Gakuen. One of them was a logic-wise pianist, and the other one was a literature-wise singer. How would they managed to handle their school life, especially when their relationship became more intimidating as they lived in a same roof?

2. ambivalence ~In Times of Polyamory~

– a Western-style romantic storyline wherein a lone traveler gets to meet his arch-nemesis, which turns out to the most accursed people outside the city of Pandora. Will he succeed to bring peace to other places surrounding Pandora to what his former colleague had done to them starting from five years ago that was all brought forth by that “Heiress of Thousand Roses”?

What the?! There's more projects?

The Other 7 Inactive Projects (which I can assure you it’s original, except one) are:

1. aya michi

– What will happen if the vocalist of the five members pop band that was popular lately in the Net, was a complete anti-social freak from the province until she meet her only friend, who later establishes a pop culture club? Then she later discovered that other three members, which were hardcore musicians in the past, unexpectedly revealed some of their secrets as their bonding came along the way.

2. Herald:Sin

– It is just an ordinary high-school student, working part-time as a criminologist, getting to face the world’s greatest enemy which is none other than Satan and his minions. Within one year, he must finished all 7 Games in the areas of Nashirogawa, or else the world will be on verge of apocalypse…

3. I Hate Ryuu!

– Basically, most of the influential and popular people in Kobayakawa High School hated Morimoto Ryuuki, the protagonist. They even formed an hate club just for him in aiming to make his two remaining years of high school to be a miserable one. How would he going to surpassed it, as most of the club members there are girls?

4. Konoka no Matsuri

– This story tells about a sudden phenomena, wherein Tatsumi is the only one who could remember her older sister, Konoka, as she became a shrine deity of Uminata Shrine. How did it happened, and how come Tatsumi attracted bad luck to him, meeting unexpected people, since the day she was to be forgotten in this world?

5. Kougeki Library [That’s right, this was based on this blog’s name]

– The librarian in Kougeki Library experienced different supernatural events after he was admitted to be a librarian there three years ago. Eventually, an assistant librarian was employed there, and it was later revealed that she was the daughter of the Youkai King with an near-accurate precognition powers. She envisioned the male lead with her powers one time, and she discovered that he holds the key that will bring forth peace and harmony to the two existing worlds, as well as understanding between them.

6. maple days

– It was autumn, and the protagonist always hung out to a ghost on a distinct park farther from the city. She was also revealed as the Maple Goddess, which can grant wishes if they are pure in heart person and have a good intention to others. Then, one day, he wishes to her to have some friends because she became lonely all of the sudden. But the results were unfavorable, as five of the people was “cursed” and the Maple loses her powers and became a human, because of what he had done. How would he able to manage that in 3 months, wherein he must solved the mystery before the winter season starts?

7. Yosuga no “Haruka” (Damnit, originality! If this isn’t based of a visual novel named ‘Yosuga no Sora’)

– Incest, Wincest, Twincest. Instead of the twin brother, Haru, who would be the narrator, it’s his cute imouto, Sora, whose telling the story within her perspective, with some of the hidden footages never to be seen in the game is going to be unveiled. Of course, as these circumstances grow (including Sora’s change in personality and an expected dull slice-of-life), what should I do about this? The anime would be sooner or later come to our computer’s screen.

I couldn't get to sleep in those several nights with my imaginary imouto, thinking what should I going to do in Yosuga no "Haruka"...


I wonder how our life will continue on, knowing the fact that two of them were gone.

Mama and Papa aren’t here anymore by our side in this rusty old train, and I and my twin brother, Haru, were the only one left. He decided that we must move out from the urban city and live to that countryside where our grandparents have once lived in.

I hate that town. That place has left me behind those memories that continue to torment me even with my dreams. But no matter I would refuse to transfer, he still insisted on that kind of idea. No, I think that this is the best decision to be made for now. We were still on our teens and I envisioned ourselves that we can manage living there with only the two of us, even if many odds are against us.

How many minutes will I have to wait for reaching our destination? How long do I keep staring at the changing scenery on the window of this moving train? Also, how long do you keep staring at me, Haru?

In the interior of this train, there are just only the two of us on this trip. Haru, who has a white colored hair which is the same as I, sits at the opposite side of my seat. Meanwhile, his only companion, who has two black ribbons beside her long hair and wears a white dress, has spoken something in soft voice for the very first time after we entered this train.

“Porcelain doll.”

That was what I remembered whether my parents have seen me in this dress. Mama liked those fashion styles that even if may looked outrageous to me, she still complimenting it as a “gorgeous and a well-fitted” get-up. But as long they liked it, especially when Haru mentioned it several times that it really suits me, I don’t mind wearing it.

Haru, on the other side, was finding a snack on that white plastic bag that he bought from the convenience store nearby the station a while ago. All of those snacks inside that plastic bag were just only for me because all of those items were my favorite ones. Especially to that snack that he have picked for me, with the name of “Pocky”. Afterward he opened that box with an aluminum wrapper, tore it up, and lent it to me by asking.

“Do you want some?”

Opening up a box of Pocky without my permission, huh?



I stole it from him hurriedly, took a chocolate stick from the wrapper and put it at my mouth as if I’m smoking, and turned back my glance from him to the window once again. If you want that snack as much as I do, at least buy one for yourself.

“You’re still rude as ever, Sora. “

(to be continued)


One word. Dropped. That’s all thanks to this site.

Now I know that the there’s a part of that visual novel that I’m adapting with this post (Yosura no Sora) where they used Sora’s perspective to continue to plot.

…After all the efforts I made so far in this fan fiction, I know the essence of originality.